How to Join
The Sweet Club

It's easy!

Ready to join the club? We’ve kept it short and sweet.

Just click the Register button at the top left of the page and enter in your details so we can welcome our newest member to the club. If you’ve already chosen your perfect sweet selection and don’t want to lose it, don’t worry! You can also register at the check-out. Easy as that.

Once you’ve created your account you also choose how often you want your delivery. Whether it’s every two- weeks or monthly, we offer free delivery on every order. No hidden costs, just your favourite sweets delivered to your door.

What’s more, if you ever feel like you need a change, you can edit your order at any time or even cancel your account if you need a break. No cancellation fee, and no fuss.

To find out how to create your first Sweet box check out our handy four-step guide below and start enjoying being part of the sweetest club in town.

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How it Works

Our handy step-by-step guide on how to join the club and get your personalised sweet boxes delivered straight to your door. Just register for your free account and choose from a fortnightly or monthly subscription.

Step One

Pick n Mix your
Sweet Box

Pick n Mix your Sweet Box

Browse our huge range of treats and choose eight sweet selections to fill your sweet box. Whether you’re craving pick n mix or American candy, find your favourites and create your own perfect combo.

Step Two

Join the Club & order your Sweet Box

Join the Club & order your Sweet Box

Join the Sweet club by registering for your new account and choose how often you want your sweet box delivered. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll pack it up and drop it straight to your door, with free delivery across the U.K and N.I.

Step Three

Enjoy your Sweet Box

Enjoy your Sweet Box

This one is the easy step! All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your sweet box selection.

Step Four

Update your Sweet Box

Update your Sweet Box

If you fancy something new, you can update your sweet box choices up to two days before your next order is sent out. If you enjoyed your first sweet box so much you just want another, sit back and we will automatically process your order.

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